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Grand Ages-Medieval-RELOADED-PC Game-Direct Links

Grand Ages-Medieval-RELOADED-PC Game-Direct Links

Data Release Date:  9/25/2015 
Platform Requirements: PC 
Genre: Action 
Language:  ENG  
Size: 4.17 GB

About the game:

Grand Ages Medieval as the sequel to Grand Ages: Rome which was released in 2009, this time in 1050 AD and a medieval periods (High Middle Ages) and Europe occurred in the area over will showcase 300 square kilometers. During this period, Europe has seen tremendous changes and is confronted with the problem of rapid population growth. Gameplay similar to what is seen in the previous version. So if you are able to establish a city, collecting the army, establishing trade routes and research, all in a real-time strategy title will be. Exploring new frontiers, and you as the leader of the small community, the task of leading his people from the beginning as a small community, to achieve more advanced societies and over the years, become a powerful empire, the will. Key features include the ability to match production and sales of 20 different products to meet the needs of the people and soldiers, including coal, fruit and pottery and faced with devastating natural disasters, such as hurricanes, fires, eruptions of lava , drought, earthquake or plague noted.
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A few things about compressed files  :
1. All compressed files in 5% recovery. This feature makes it difficult to extract the files completely to zero. This feature makes if the file was damaged during download using a repair program Winrar to extract the problem is resolved.
2. To extract the files you need to install the latest version of the program Winrar and Shaggy are otherwise difficult to extract some of the files you want to be. 
3. Enter the link part in the program IDM mail for notification if the Working Group set criminal content tabs were removed from the site continue to download the parts you do not have a problem.

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downloadDownload Part 1:  Direct Link
downloadDownload Part 2:  Direct Link
downloadDownload Part 3:  Direct Link
downloadDownload Part 4:  Direct Link
downloadDownload Part 5:  Direct Link

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