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Painkiller: Hell & Damnation- Prophet Pc Game- Direct Links

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation- Prophet Pc Game- Direct Links

About the game:
Painkiller Hell and Damnation as a fantasy game action by the company, Nordic Games has been released. stories, Hell and Damnation combines original stories and Battle Out of Hell’s version. The game’s main character is Daniel Garner, Catherine and her husband are killed in a car accident. Catherine goes to heaven after death, but Daniel has no place in heaven nor in hell. After the original version of the story of Daniel Drdnyayy Caught between Heaven and Hell has no confidence in the promise of freedom from demons do not have this situation. This time personally looking into Daniel’s death comes for Daniel to his wife wants him to seven thousand souls to collect. This is simply an excuse to start a murder story is crazy.

Data Release Date: 06/05/2014
Platform Requirements: PC
Game Type: Action
Language: ENG
File Size: 11.7 GB
This version includes the following items:
- Collector’s Edition DLC
- Preorder DLC
- Digital Extras
- Halloween DLC
- Satan Claus DLC
- Medieval Horror
- The Clock Strikes Meat Night
- Operation “Zombie Bunker
- Full Metal Rocket
- Heaven’s Above
- Demonic Vacation at the Blood Sea
- City Critters

====Direct Links (1GB PARTS)====

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Part-8 || Part-9 || Part-10 || Part-11 || Part-12 

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