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TimeShift – Full Pc Game – Direct Links

TimeShift – Full Pc Game – Direct Links

The story of the game in the near future, TimeShift eats figure. Future of the human race is facing extinction memories and memory by superhuman beings evolved in a short time be erased. In this game you michael swift guidance of experienced military commander in charge of America’s leaders have been created to remedy and fix problems from a great invention that the car is the time to the control of gentlemen. This game is an action game and is excited that gamers will have the pleasure of playing it. Use powerful weapons in the game that will double the excitement of the game. In TimeShift, you can not stop time or if the game is a unique feature that can make an gamers to enjoy. More than 30 missions for your intended that you should get them within about 20 to 25 hours it takes to finish the game.Data Release Date: 10/30/2007
Platform Requirements: PC
Game Type: Action
Language: ENG
File Size: 2.84 GB

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